I’m a life-purpose coach, author, + podcast host. I believe everyone is creative - yes, even YOU.


New Years’ Resolutions

Hi friends! I wanted to check in with you about how your new year has started and what you’re planning for the next month or so. I believe that one reason yearly goals often don’t get met is because we’re not looking at the immediate picture enough. It’s nice to say that by the end of the year, we’ll have started a corporation, have a million new instagram followers, and lost 30 pounds, but if you don’t start until November, the chances of those things happening are quite slim. 

Misunderstanding Creativity

When I started writing my first book, it was about many things. It was originally about how difficult and sometimes unfair the artist’s lifestyle can be… it was about how people in non-artistic jobs so often misunderstand artists…. it was about how to successfully stay married to an artist. 

What it morphed in to (and how that actually happened) is honestly, beyond me. 

Creating Space

There was a period of time that I had feelings of anger and bitterness and resentfulness over my former state of workaholism . But, at the end of the day, I’m proud of myself for not staying there. I’m proud that I fought my way out of those feelings.

At the very least, I found the strength to give myself space.



Don’t stomp out other people’s dreams. It’s quite possible that you have no idea what they’re actually capable of. Now apply this same concept to yourself.”