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HUGE thanks to my friends over at Simply Bridal for the guest post today about Unplugging Your Wedding! I think this is a great read for all engaged couples to consider! (And just for fun, I have included a few of my “favorite” guest/venor ruined photos from my portfolio throughout the post. As we all know, these weren’t done intentionally, so laugh along with me and enjoy!)




(This was the designer of the day, stepping into my shot as I tried to capture the reactions to the bride walking down the aisle.)

Nearly all of us do it and nearly all of us are irritated when others do it, yet we can’t seem to put our phones down even during an important event. Therefore, if you think your wedding may not befall this tragedy, think again. In fact, to combat wedding guests who never stray far from their phones and insist on using them during wedding ceremonies, a new trend of unplugged weddings have been the recent hype.

Unplugged weddings are simply weddings in which the bride and groom ask guests to leave their phones in the car. Celebrity wedding couples typically have a cell phone drop off, but mere brides and grooms would probably cause a stampede if they confiscated phones and any other potentially disturbing electronics prior to a wedding ceremony.

Why Couples Should Unplug their Weddings

We think the idea of unplugging your wedding is great. Guests are not distracted by trying to take the perfect picture of you or sending out congratulatory tweets to you and your groom while the ceremony is still ongoing. Instead, they are able to absorb who you two are as a newlywed couple and be in the moment with you.

Wedding photographers are even fond of this trend, but not for the reasons you may think. Numerous wedding photographers have complained that guests who are attached to their electronic devices are starting to mar what could have been beautiful photos. They go to take a picture of the bride, groom, and guests during the ceremony but are instead greeted by guests in the background staring into their phones. Not to mention, sometimes a guest’s camera flashes at precisely the same time as the wedding photographer’s camera, leaving the couple with an unattractive photo.


(I had this shot framed perfectly until the wedding coordinator stepped into the frame with her iPhone.)

Though we do understand that it is inevitable for guests to refrain from using their phones during the entirety of the ceremony, it is helpful to put hanging signs around the venue that remind them to keep the usage at a minimum. In addition to the little notifications, ask a trusted member of the wedding party to quietly remind guests going into the ceremony’s venue to turn off their electronic devices. Having someone at the entrance with a box to collect the cell phones as a last resort may also be an option if all else fails.

Having an unplugged wedding is a fantastic trend and way to ensure that your wedding guests were able to take in the entire ceremony as well as knowing that you will have fantastic photos from your wedding photographer. Society is highly dependent on electronic devices and sometimes having your guests unplug will actually benefit them as well. They can be free from all the unnecessary distractions and simply enjoy the ceremony by celebrating your big day with you. For more details on how to control the usage of social media during your wedding, refer to “Social Media 101 for Weddings.”1185

(The groom’s mother didn’t realize she had stepped in front of our cameras at such an important moment!)

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