Summer: Fifteen

Believe it or not, even as a photographer, it can be incredibly hard to keep up with personal photos drag a camera around when I’m not working and document life just because. Who has the time to come home from vacation or a night with friends and organize photos or do extra editing?

These were just a few of the motivating factors behind a challenge some friends of mine (Anna Hedges & Lindsey Miller) posed to each other a few months back. What if we share personal photos from each season of the year, fifteen each time, with no other rules?! We can even use an iPhone for crying out loud! (A usual photographer no-no.)

I learned a few things from this project.

One: Yes, I will procrastinate until the very last minute. Every. time.

Two: It’s really easy to get caught up in the busyness of life and forget even the most wonderful & magical things that happen. Photos help with that and thus, I really should spend more time organizing and printing personal photos.

Three: I thought I would write out descriptions of each photo – explaining what I was doing in each place, etc. etc. but once I picked the final fifteen – I decided that they are enough. These photos each represent a very special moment in time for me and that alone means more than any words I could write. So, I’m leaving them alone… for now.

And Four: Summer seriously gets a bad rap around here. I know we all love a good fire pit and a pumpkin spiced latte – but let’s not so quickly forget how fleeting and special those long, summer nights truly were. When our sense of adventure could take us anywhere we could imagine and only time could truly limit us. So here’s to those amazing days of summer. 🙂 I hope you enjoy!


iPhone 4S, No Filter, Enroute ATL to FLL


iPhone 4S, No Filter, Off the coast of Southern Spain


iPhone 4S, No Filter, Rainy day in Atlanta


iPhone 4S, No Filter, Madeira Beach, Florida


iPhone 4S, No Filter, On a boat in a Fjord, Off the coast of Alaska


iPhone 4S, No Filter, Skagway, Alaska


iPhone 4S, No Filter, Ketchikan, Alaska


Holga 35mm, Fuji 400 film, Double Exposure, Juneau, Alaska


Nikon D800, Between Anchorage & Seward, Alaska


Nikon D800, Juneau, Alaska


Nikon D800, near the Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau, Alaska


Nikon D800, Skagway, Alaska


Nikon D800, Icy Strait Point, Alaska


Nikon D800, Ponta Delgada, Portugal


Nikon D800, Cadiz, Spain

Comments (2)

  1. Elizabeth

    Love this! My favorite picture is the float.. Represents summer perfectly and I love the way it’s shot. Keep traveling and taking lovely pics!

  2. Marvin

    Loved the pictures of Alaska! Jeani and I were in Anchorage for a week this past August. We rented a car for the week and did a lot of driving. Alaska is such beautiful country. We’re going back!

    Though this wasn’t summer, in April we spent 10 days in Tokyo, Japan. This must have been our 30th something trip to Japan. It was nice to reconnect with good friends and eat all the good food! We’re going back this coming December with our daughter, her husband and our 3 grandsons! Can’t wait!