My Refuge House: Part One

I was thrilled when My Refuge House in Cebu, Philippines asked me to do some promotional photography for their organization. In their own words, “My Refuge House provides an immediate safe home to young women and children rescued from sex-trafficking in the Philippines. We are dedicated to alleviating the effects of abuse and trauma sustained by these victims.” Here is a short video I made during my time there:

I knew before I arrived that I would not be able to show any of the girls’ faces for safety reasons. I later learned that I could also not show any recognizable scenery in the photos. While this was a challenge, I was happy to do my part to keep their identities’ safe.

MRH had done a photo campaign in the US showing American business people holding signs that said things such as “Will work for someone else’s freedom.” On the flip side of that, we took images like these:




One idea I had was to put a light behind the girls, so as to darken their faces enough for the photographs. We had a very limited space to do these in, but I’m thrilled with the result:






I learned quickly that the Filipino’s have a very non-verbal culture. This young girl is giving the sign for “beautiful”:


This girl is laughing at me, because after walking out of the house like a super model, I told her to turn around and do it again for the camera.




My Refuge House’s mission is “Restoring One Life at a Time”.


There are sooooo many more that I want to show you, so please come back for part two on Monday!

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