Missing Scotty: A Memorial

I’ve hesitate to post these for awhile… Dan and I lost a great friend very unexpectedly a couple of months ago. I wasn’t as close to him as many others were, so it’s incredibly hard to imagine what they have felt and gone through during this difficult period of time. If we’ve learned one thing through this, it’s that life is unbelievingly fragile. It’s a vapor… and none of us can ever know how many more breaths we have left.

“We have to live as if we could be buried in 3 days,” Dan said back in May, amidst the hurried funeral preparation. “Because we can.”

The older we get, the harder it is to live for the things we want to live for. The temptation to cave in to society’s pressures and expectations grow even more insurmountable every day. So, when we remember Scotty’s life, we remember him living for his dream… and we strive to do the same.

I had the distinct honor to photograph a memorial that Scotty’s closest friends organized this past July in celebration of his birthday. They wrote a short clip about his life and the band that he lived for, High Flight Society, and they placed that information inside the red balloons that they released in his memory. We believe that this is only one way that his life & memory will continue to touch so many.












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