If you follow me on facebook, twitter, or vimeo, you may have noticed that my profile photos have changed over the weekend. That’s right, after changing my hair color half a dozen times, I’ve found a look I want to stick with for awhile and thought I should probably update my personal photos. My husband and I hit a parking deck in Atlantic Station to do this, and just when we thought we were finished, the sunset emerged itself in a way we couldn’t resist, so we took most of our favorite shots right on the street.

Let me tell you, I hate having my photo taken as much as most of you do (who tell me all the time!) Having it taken at 6 pm on a Friday night in the middle of a very busy street in Atlanta was no picnic. But, sometimes you have to do what you have to do to get the shot. And having brand new promo shots was definitely worth it! I would love your feedback on which one(s) are your favorites. I’m having a hard time choosing!












Comments (4)

  1. Evanda

    Um How in the world do you expect us to pick a favorite out of those. I love them all!! Your so pretty!

  2. Nina

    They each evoke a somewhat different feel for me but my faves are 5, 6 & 8. I love #11 too though! Every one prompts a different memory of you – your thoughtfulness, your spirit, your tenacity, your determination, your talent. You are definitely a beautiful person.

  3. Amber Corbi

    Katie- They are all so amazing; however, my favorites are #1, #4, and #7. Sorry, I could only narrow it down to three , and I’m loving the new hair!