First Intro to DSLR Workshop REVIEWS!

Over the past several years, I’ve had the pleasure of speaking and teaching at several middle schools and high schools around the southeast. I LOVE sharing my craft with others and encouraging people of all ages to pursue their dreams!

This week, I did my first ever Katie Snyder Photography workshop! The topic was Intro to DSLR and I got to teach the attendees how to use their expensive cameras the way they were meant to be used! We focused mainly on using manual camera settings, how not to use flash indoors, and the three elements that make up a perfect exposure. The attendees were all at various levels: some hobbyists, others beginning to take photo jobs, and most wanting to take better photos of their active kids. We had a blast during the 3 hours we spent together!

Here’s some of the feedback I received:

“Katie’s making the technical part of photography easy to understand and much less daunting. I can’t wait to try out more pictures with manual settings.”

“Fantastic Intro to DSLR class. Great basics that I can use to overcome some of the challenges I’ve been experiencing.”

Katie Snyder Photography Intro to DSLR Workshop

“This class would benefit anyone – we had a variety of cameras and familiarity and there was plenty of time and attention for everyone. Katie did a fantastic job making sure all questions were answered and she is so approachable. Great class!”

“You need to feel confident with your camera! It’s an investment so why not invest in the pictures you take with it?”

“The class was very helpful, I learned so much about manual settings. Katie was so sweet and very friendly. Come out and enjoy her next class with me!”

“Had a blast. I learned so much! I feel empowered!”

Email me at if you’d like to receive more info about future workshops! Our next two are July 28th in Atlanta, Georgia and August 25th in Johnson City, Tennessee. I would love to have you there!!

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