Honored: A Note to My Clients

Last week, I got an email from a previous client of mine asking if I did birth photography. I photographed Brittany’s wedding, and since then her entire extended family, and I happen to know from following her blog that she has struggled to get pregnant and has recently started the adoption process.  I was ECSTATIC to hear that she was expecting and yes, she contacted me before she announced the news to her family and friends. Only a couple of short hours later, she emailed me back asking me to pray for her. She had started bleeding and the doctor was putting her on bed rest and all she could do for now was wait.

In the office that day, amidst the normal rush of trying to get “caught up” and delivering photos and designing albums… I was insanely moved as I thought about the privilege I have of getting to know my clients in such a close and personal way. This is a treasure that I do not take lightly and I decided to write a few words about it…


I’m often the first to know you’re pregnant… sometimes I know he’s going to ask “the question” before you would have ever expected it; I share intimate moments with you before you walk down the aisle and those first special moments after you’ve been pronounced husband and wife.

I’m more honored than you could ever imagine to walk through these moments with you. I mentally renew my vows every time you say yours and I sometimes tear up watching you pledge your forevers to each other or when I hear your closest friends tell hilarious stories from your past.

I cheer you on as you buy your first house, start a family, and move up that career ladder. For some of you, I’ve photographed your babies from 6 lbs. to pre-teen. And I have probably laughed and cried with you on more than one occasion.

I am truly happy to know you and I wish you all the happiness in the world.

Thanks for the privilege of being your photographer.

Here’s to a blessed 2015!


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  1. Lexy Blackledge

    the fact that you get involved enough to actually thank everyone who you have worked with and are going to work with in the future is why I think most of us let you in to our lives. I know I knew you were my photographer the moment you replied, I think sometimes you just know.

    You made me feel like a friend and not a client, and I will never forget that.

    I don’t usually comment on blog posts, but I really feel you need to know how special you are, as well as you letting us all know how you feel about us.

    YOU ARE LOVED KATIE, very loved 🙂

  2. Katie Snyder

    Hi Lexy, that means the world to me! Thanks for taking the time to comment. 🙂 I hope you and James are having a lovely time settling into your new home and that the US is treating you right!!!! xoxo

  3. Jana Tillman

    Aww this is awesome Katie! You had me all teary! I love you and I’m thankful you are in my life! As a talented business woman who helped make my day special down to every detail, as my client, and as my friend! ❤️❤️

    • Katie Snyder

      I feel the same, Jana! Thank you for commenting and I’m so happy you love your photos and video!! 🙂 🙂

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