Cheely-Engagement & Family

I’ve known Warren for a couple of years now. Last year, Warren had the amazing opportunity to travel around the world with The World Race. I was thrilled to do promotional photos for Warren before he left, but I was even more thrilled to get an email from him shortly before his return. In this email, he explained that he had “met a girl” and that he wanted to do photos of the two of them when they returned.

I could never have imagined how wonderful Jessica would be! She is such a fun, genuine, beautiful woman! Warren and Jessica came out to the farm to do some pictures back in the summer. They weren’t engaged at the time, but we all knew it was coming soon. It actually happened shortly after while they were visiting Jessica’s family in France. (Still bummed I didn’t get invited to that one!) =)

A few months later, I had the privilege to photograph Warren and Jessica again, this time as a gift for Warren’s parents (you’ll see them in the photos, too!) We did these in Senoia and Fayetteville back in the fall.

Warren & Jessica are now Mr. & Mrs. Cheely and although I’m sad I couldn’t make it to their Dallas wedding, I’m thrilled that I got to document this fun time in their life for them. I can’t wait to see what they do next!

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  1. warren cheely

    Katie you are one of the most amazing photographers that I know and it was such a joy to work with you and can’t WAIT until the next time we have the opportunity!!!!

    warren and jess