Casey Harper

Let’s be honest, this was a dream shoot. But, if it started out that way, it was definitely more of a nightmare. I had the privilege of photographing a styled shoot for the extremely talented Casey Harper. Casey is an Atlanta based singer/songwriter. Definitely check out her voice and videos HERE and HERE!! Anyway, back to the shoot.

It started out as most do, the fabulous Erin Noel did an amazing job on Casey’s hair and makeup. We piled into the 15 passenger van (yes, my husband is a musician, too) along with Evanda (my fabulous stylist) and Lauren (my intern/assistant for the day), Casey’s bike, loads of equipment, clothing options, props, etc. and started the hour long drive to Canton, Georgia. We got as far as one exit up the interstate and it started POURING the rain. That is not an exaggeration. I could barely see the road ahead of me. I immediately start thinking about how Casey has waited literally months to do this shoot and how Erin just spent two hours doing her hair and makeup. But, it is pouring! And indoor shots were not what I had in mind. Couple that with the fact that it took me a little longer than I had hoped to find the actual location (somewhere I had seen “driving by” one day)…. and we had a van full of anxiety. But, finally I found the house. It was cooler than I had remembered. The rain was still present, but it appeared to be letting up. “Do you want to try to take a few since we’re here?” I asked the group. “Let’s do it!!!!”, they responded.

I love the creative team I get to work with. And I love when a talented person comes along that I get to share a vision with. Casey is a complete natural to photograph. I’m not sure I’ve ever met anyone quite so comfortable in their own skin. So much talent in one person! I can’t even stand it. She’s going places, y’all.
















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