Dan and I have been residents of Atlanta for almost 5 years! It seems hard to believe; time seriously flies. We were in the suburbs for half of that time and are thrilled to be back in the city now. We still find new areas and neighborhoods to explore almost every time we go out.

I’m so proud to call Atlanta home. It’s such a fun place! From the endless food and entertainment options, to the countless opportunities we have to do the jobs that we love, we’re so thankful we decided to move here in 2006!

I love taking photographs of fun places, so it’s especially great to photograph the city we live in. I was honored when asked me to be an artist partner on their site. Through this site, you can view and purchase several different artists’ photos of the city. Be sure to check it out today and thanks for looking!

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  1. Katie Snyder

    Thanks Sara! I wanted a picture of that sign since the first time I saw it, but it’s in a tough spot to get unless you’re driving down the interstate. Finally I got it one day when we were stuck in traffic and Dan was driving. =)