Anna – A bride in chains

I have so many ideas floating around inside my head. As a wedding photographer, I have the awesome job of showing up to an event that has been meticulously designed for months ahead of time and documenting every perfect detail. But, as a creative, it’s super fun for me to pick out the details sometimes, too! 🙂

Enter my new Bridal Couture shoots. (More info coming soon!) This is my chance to shoot creatively and, along with my creative team, design everything from hair and makeup, to wardrobe, to unbelievable set design. I’ve been scheming for months, and I finally have the perfect space to make these ideas reality. Each shoot will be a little different from the last and each one will have my own fun, quirky spin on it.

Ready to see the first one?!?

So, I know the idea of spiritual bondage isn’t a popular one. This makes the second time I’ve photographed this theme and each time came with it’s share of giggles, perverted jokes, worried questions, etc. Yes, I need to borrow some chains for a shoot. No, it’s not that kind of shoot.

This particular shoot was inspired by my friend Tony Brown. He sings a song that says, “I’m not a slave anymore; I won’t wear these chains anymore.” Beautifully and simply put, for such a wildly difficult idea to grasp.

Anna, who got married last July, (see her wedding photos HERE!) was completely on board with my vision and excited to participate. We didn’t foresee our biggest hiccup at all, which was that the chains were so HEAVY she could barely hold them up! But, alas, we went with it, and I love what we ended up with.

Special thanks to Erin Noel from the Paul Mitchell School of Atlanta for her incredible job with Anna’s hair and makeup. Stay tuned for many more fun bridal shoots coming soon!














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