Andrea & Ty’s Engagement: Historic Fourth Ward Park, Atlanta, GA

Katie-Snyder-_1784 Katie-Snyder-_1785 Katie-Snyder-_1786 Katie-Snyder-_1787 Katie-Snyder-_1788 Katie-Snyder-_1789 Katie-Snyder-_1790 Katie-Snyder-_1791 Katie-Snyder-_1792 Katie-Snyder-_1793 Katie-Snyder-_1794 Katie-Snyder-_1795 Katie-Snyder-_1796 Katie-Snyder-_1797 Katie-Snyder-_1798 Katie-Snyder-_1799 Katie-Snyder-_1800 Katie-Snyder-_1801 Katie-Snyder-_1802 Katie-Snyder-_1803 Katie-Snyder-_1804 Katie-Snyder-_1805 Katie-Snyder-_1806 Katie-Snyder-_1807 Katie-Snyder-_1808 Katie-Snyder-_1809 Katie-Snyder-_1810 Katie-Snyder-_1811 Katie-Snyder-_1812 Katie-Snyder-_1813 Katie-Snyder-_1814 Katie-Snyder-_1815 Katie-Snyder-_1816 Katie-Snyder-_1817 Katie-Snyder-_1818


These photos were taken by our fabulous associate photographer Lindsey!


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  1. Andrea Pennycooke

    I can’t say enough about how great of a team KSP is and how great Lindsey was for all of our wedding photography. 4 months out and we are still ooohing and aaaahing over the pictures and videos from our big day!! Thank you guys so much!