Alexis – Bridal Couture

Some people may not understand this post or these images. I fully know that. But sometimes with art, you have to push past your initial reaction to find a deeper meaning.

Rather than try to explain this shoot myself, I think I should share an email I received from Alexis about it.

Hi Katie!

Just wanted to let you know how excited I am about next weeks’ photo
shoot. Not only do I love the makeup idea, but there’s more meaning in
it for me. As you know, my father passed away last year and not having
him at the wedding was tremendously difficult for me. I think about
him every day and when I reflect on all the things that happened
during the wedding weekend, I just know that he was there with me the
entire time. Before we do the shoot, i wanted to let you know that
October 30th not only happens to be the day before Halloween and 2
days before El Dia De Los Muertos, but it is also my father’s
birthday. Dressing up in my gown with full makeup not only honors my
Mexican wedding and the Halloween spirit, but it also allows me to
truly celebrate The Day of the Dead and remember my father on his
birthday. It is so perfect and I’m so happy we pushed back the date!

Thanks for giving me this opportunity 🙂

Alexis, I hope in some small way, these photos honor your dad’s memory. Enjoy!









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