2015 Intro to DSLR Dates

When I took my first photography class in college back in 2002, I was lost. I had no idea what any of the camera buttons did and little desire to find out. I wanted to get started – to take pictures freely, my own way. I wanted fast results! I had no patience for learning definitions or studying photographers from long ago.


I’m proud of myself for sticking with it!

It didn’t happen overnight, but eventually, the technical side of photography did click for me.

To be blunt, I quickly learned that without the technical knowledge, my pictures were crap. Now, because I know how to tell my camera what to do – I can get the right exposure no matter what the circumstance. I can photograph outside in the harsh daylight – inside in the darkest of rooms – I can even make toddlers appear in focus while they’re running around!

That’s what this workshop is about. Over the past two years since it’s beginning, I’ve had the pleasure to watch it “click” for many different people. It’s been so rewarding to see people leave with a greater knowledge of their camera and a renewed excitement of their craft (or hobby)!

I have two remaining workshops this year:

August 9th in Atlanta, GA (3-5pm)

August 16th in Cleveland, TN (3-5pm)

Space is extremely limited, so email me today at Katie@KatieSnyderPhotography.com to reserve your spot!

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