Lissie & Matt’s Wedding in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Lissie & Matt had a perfect wedding day on 9-10-11 at the Stone Fort Inn in Chattanooga. I was in LOVE with this bed & breakfast! Lissie allowed lots of time during the day to get ready, which provided an easy, stress free day for us all! (And lots of time to get those wonderful detail shots!)


The flowers were done by Grafe Studio in Chattanooga and they were the talk of the day!


Lissie wore a stunning Ella Rosa dress. Her sapphire shoes were perfection!

Katie-Snyder-Robertson2 Katie-Snyder-Robertson3 Katie-Snyder-Robertson3a Katie-Snyder-Robertson4 Katie-Snyder-Robertson5 Katie-Snyder-Robertson6 Katie-Snyder-Robertson7 Katie-Snyder-Robertson7a Katie-Snyder-Robertson8

I soooo appreciate when my brides and grooms trust me enough to let me do my thing… even if it seems a little extreme! The Stone Fort Inn is located right downtown, so I definitely wanted to take advantage of the rugged scenery. The alley that we used for the shot below was not particularly pretty in real life, but I love the way it photographed.

Katie-Snyder-Robertson9 Katie-Snyder-Robertson10 Katie-Snyder-Robertson11 Katie-Snyder-Robertson12

To say Lissie is an avid Coldplay fan would be an understatement, so it was more than fitting that she walked down the aisle to a violin accompaniment of “In My Place”. They also managed to incorporate a quote from The Princess Bride into the ceremony. “Marriage. Marriage is what brings us together today – that blessed arrangement.” I love it when people get creative! :)

Katie-Snyder-Robertson39 Katie-Snyder-Robertson38 Katie-Snyder-Robertson13 Katie-Snyder-Robertson14 Katie-Snyder-Robertson15 Katie-Snyder-Robertson16 Katie-Snyder-Robertson17 Katie-Snyder-Robertson18 Katie-Snyder-Robertson19 Katie-Snyder-Robertson20 Katie-Snyder-Robertson21 Katie-Snyder-Robertson22 Katie-Snyder-Robertson23 Katie-Snyder-Robertson24 Katie-Snyder-Robertson25 Katie-Snyder-Robertson27 Katie-Snyder-Robertson28 Katie-Snyder-Robertson29 Katie-Snyder-Robertson30 Katie-Snyder-Robertson31

Lissie & Matt were insistent on not doing things for the sake of tradition. Instead of dancing and garter tosses their reception consisted of excellent food and drinks, time talking with friends & family, and even a few games of pool! They had planned to stay at the Bed & Breakfast that night and weren’t planning to have a grand exit, so it was extra fun when the mother of the bride surprised them both with a beautiful horse and carriage! Big thanks to Chattanooga Horse Trams for providing them with a wonderful ride around the city.

Katie-Snyder-Robertson32 Katie-Snyder-Robertson33 Katie-Snyder-Robertson34 Katie-Snyder-Robertson35 Katie-Snyder-Robertson36 Katie-Snyder-Robertson37

Big thanks to you both for trusting me with this wonderfully special day. It was perfect! :)

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